Mixing and Remixing


Online Audio Mixing




Are you working on a song, but you just can´t seem to get the mix right?

You´ve tried time and time again, but it still doesn´t sound the way you want it to?

Let us mix it for you!
Mixing involves taking your previously recorded multi tracks (wav or aiff) and balancing them to an optimized piece. The benefit of this service is that you get a professional recording engineer to mix your song  correctly from an objective point of view. It´s very important to hear and work on the mix properly so as it will translate better onto other listening setups, such as a iTunes, radio-mix and high end cd premaster mix. In my years online, I´ve helped a number of artists with their mixes.





Maybe you have a Pop song at 120 bpm, and would like to have a remix in the style of say a Dance track at 127-135 bpm, with a completely different rhythm, breakdowns, kicks, efx and panning on the vocals, for example.


I can do a remix for you. I´ve had experience doing remixes in a variety of styles.

Remixes of Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park, Peter Gabriel, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Janis Joplin on our Examples page.