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High-end CD Mastering/Special Mastering for iTunes

The art of audio post-production and the process of analyzing, enhancing,and changing the recorded audio from your source and saving it into one final data file (the master). The source from which your CD or Mp3 can be produced. By means of internet transport and communication.




Why Mixing & Mastering?

There are no shortcuts to achieving great mastering. The mastering results will always rely on the quality of your mix. A good mixing job is the ultimate key that will lead your music recordings to exceptionally superior mastering results. When you hire a pro mix engineer, you are mostly paying for his ears and experience to give you a great mix. An experienced mixing engineer has the magic ability to make your mix sound broader. Imagine what a good mastering job can do to a great mix.

Mastering can only achieve so much and cannot create miracles to a poorly mixed recording. There are countless factors and relationships within a mix that can be easily overlooked. All these neglected mistakes will ultimately result in disappointing mastering results.



What Are The Benefits Of Mixing & Mastering?


Having performed mastering on hundreds of CDs,we have seen the problem first hand. At many times we wished we had the option to make minor to major adjustments to a mix that will help elevate the mastering result. In most cases with poorly mixed recordings, the rooted problem can only be fixed effectively by returning to the mixing process.

It is an added advantage for a mastering engineer to have the luxury of accessing your mix. Sometimes, a slight tweak or adjustment in the mix will make all the difference in the mastering result. At other times, it involves serious surgery. This luxurious option of mixing & mastering will allow us to return to your mix and make any necessary and vital adjustments. This simply gives the mixing & mastering engineer the flexibility and full control to problem solving. This convenience is very powerful. The difference is priceless.


The solution is now here. If you are serious about your sound, this service is now available to you at an affordable rate. Get it right the first time. There are no shortcuts to achieving a professional sound. The mastering results will always point to the quality of your mix. We dare say that the option of mixing and mastering with us will yield perfection to superior results. Listen to our samples and be the judge.

We will mix and master to your satisfaction. This is a collaborative effort thus allowing you to review and request any necessary revisions to your mix.




Mixing and Remixing